As we go and progress through life, we live in a world where taxation is inevitable. We must pay a general sales tax, federal tax, property tax, self-employment tax and depending on your family structure the list could double. However, if you work with one of our trusted professionals you are covered in every aspect of lifestyle. Even well after your first job to retirement there is not a tax code in publications we have not thoroughly reviewed and studied for our clients. It is our job to know the tax code from A-Z. We offer consultations each year, advances up to $6,000, and audit protection for each client. 

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Credit has been a priority and has always been. Think about the purchase of your first new home, brand new car, or getting a credit card with a high limit to provide for your family bills. What about starting a new business and being approved to open your doors to your first customer? What overwhelming joy this could bring you and your loved ones. We live in a new era where you no longer have to wait seven years for negatives to be removed. Where bankruptcy is no longer the defining moment of your future. There is hope. We provide this at SayNO2BadCredit with a thorough consultation of analyzing and reviewing any harmful items on your reports. 

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Life Insurance

Is Life Insurance needed in today’s world? Is the policy coverage through my job enough to cover my family if something is to happen to me or a loved one? Is there a Living Benefit to life insurance that covers my home, college tuition, and other needs if an emergency is to occur? All these questions are valid and understandable when choosing the right policy to cover your household needs. Our job as Life Insurance Agents is to make sure the client understands their policy and the terms. We advise an annual review each year to ensure the policy still stands true and accurate. Life Insurance has its tax benefits as well and we educate each individual how they too can have a tax-free retirement

This service is included year round and we would be glad to have you come by to look at a policy that fits your family structure and future goals.


Here at Paid in Full Tax Services we also offer notary services for any professional document that needs an overseer. This service is offered Monday- Friday during business hours.

Business Strategy Consultation

What is a Business Strategy Consultation?
Business consultants provide management consulting to help organizations improve performance and efficiency. These professionals analyze businesses and create solutions while also helping companies meet their goals. We review all documents required by the state to own and operate small business.
We provide instructions on book-keeping, tax obligations, payroll, and much more.